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Pathway Insurance is a Michigan Independent Agency and we offer competitive rates on car, home, business, life, and health insurance in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

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Our history and Bio

Pathway was founded by Jack and Emily Thomas in 1999 and we currently serve the needs of thousands of policyholders. Our representatives are fully licensed and knowledgable on the various insurance polices we offer.

Why is it important to get good advice on insurance?

Most companies and agents sell on price and give no advice. ™

Basing your insurance buying decision exclusively on the price you pay for your insurance may lead to trouble down the road due to the fact that insurance is far more complicated than the price we pay for it.™

For example you could switch to a new insurance company because they saved you money and unwittingly decrease your coverage because the new insurance company might not offer a specific coverage that was provided by your previous insurance company that you just canceled!

A claim occurs, you receive a claim denial from the new insurance company only to learn later that your previous company would’ve paid for that claim!

That’s the tricky thing about insurance. Insurance companies are free to place restrictions of coverage or exclusions that might differ from company to company unless it’s against state law. So what is covered by one company could be excluded by another insurance company!

That’s why you should never base a buying decision exclusively on the price you pay for the insurance!

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