Michigan Health Insurance

Are you looking for Michigan health insurance?   If so you have found the right place, call 1-800-998-0662 for the best Michigan health insurance plans.   There are three types of Michigan health insurance plans that you may be covered under.

Michigan Health Insurance – Three Specific Plans  

Michigan Group Health Insurance This is typically provided by your employer.  if you are an employer and you want quotes for Michigan group health insurance call 1-800-998-0662.  We offer Michigan group health insurance from every major carrier available.

Michigan Short Term Health Insurance Short term health insurance policies are purchased individually and as the name implies they are meant to cover only a short interim period of time, typically from 1 to 12 months. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by a short-term health insurance policy. Cal  1-800-998-0662 to receive a short-term health insurance quote.

Michigan Individual Health Insurance Individual health insurance policies can be purchased as individuals to cover a lack of employer provided group health insurance, or perhaps you own a small business and do not offer group insurance for your employees.

Michigan Health Insurance Quotes  are Available Now

Call Pathway Insurance at 1- 800- 998-0662 when you’re looking for the best Michigan health insurance quotes.