Roofing Contractors Insurance Michigan – Call 800-998-0662

Need the Best Rates on Michigan Roofing Contractors Insurance?

Roofing Insurance MichiganCall Pathway Insurance at 1-800-998-0662.

We offer great rates for roofing contractors insurance in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

If you are Not a Roofing Contractor Don’t Leave Our Website!

We insure all types of contractors with exceptionally low prices! 

Call 800-998-0662 to speak with a licensed Michigan roofing contractors insurance specialist!

What Type of Insurance Coverage is Important?

General Liability – This coverage protects your business or yourself personally (if you are a sole proprietor) from property damage or bodily injury that your business becomes legally liable for.

Example: You offer a bid to replace a roof on a local apartment building complex. Your bid is accepted and you plan to begin working on the apartment building complex the following week.

You order and place your three tab shingles in a convenient position on top of the roof and plan to return the next day with you and your crew. That evening a storm rolls through the area causing your shingles to break loose and fly all over the parking lot damaging 13 cars.

The apartment building complex files a claim on your general liability insurance and your company pays $27,000 in damages.

Workers Compensation Insurance – The state of Michigan requires most businesses to have worker’s compensation insurance unless you qualify for an exemption. If an employee is injured while working in your behalf, they may collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Call Pathway Insurance at 800-998-0662 if you also need Michigan workers compensation insurance quotes.

Coverage for Tools and Other Business Property– Your tools, equipment, or material used on the job site can be protected by purchasing contractor’s tools or a separate policy. Please note any type of mobile equipment that leaves your established business location, such as excavation equipment, bobcats etc. must be covered under in inland Marine insurance policy.

Call Pathway Insurance for Roofing Contractors Insurance in Michigan!

Speak with one of our licensed representatives when you need roofing insurance in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky by calling 800-998-0662.

Insurance also available in the following areas:

  • Roofing contractors insurance Lansing Michigan
  • Roofing contractors insurance Grand Rapids
  • Roofing contractors insurance Detroit Michigan
  • Battle Creek Michigan roofing contractors insurance
  • Warren City Roofing Insurance
  • Roofers insurance Flint Michigan
  • Ann Arbor Michigan Roofers Insurance
  • Roofing insurance Sterling Heights Michigan

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Business Auto Insurance Cincinnati, Best Coverage and Rates.

Business Auto Insurance Cincinnati-Don’t Confuse Personal Auto with Business Auto!

business automobile cincinnati If your company is looking for the best options on business auto insurance in Cincinnati, contact Pathway Insurance at 513-662-7000 or toll-free 800-998-0662.

We offer business auto insurance in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Georgia, and Indiana.

Business Automobile Insurance Is Confusing!

There are a number of reasons why business auto insurance is complicated. Generally it is because that often business people mix up personal automobile insurance with business auto insurance in Cincinnati.

For instance let’s analyze the personal motor vehicle insurance plan. Your car insurance policy will list each car the coverage limits and insurance deductibles if applicable. Moreover quite a few personal automotive insurance policies have a very good provision for automatic coverage for newly acquired cars, trucks, or mini vans.

This may not be the case for your Cincinnati business auto insurance policy.

You should be aware that the business auto insurance policy may possibly not include any type of provision for automatic coverage for newly picked up vehicles.

Business auto insurance determines coverage by something referred to as auto designation symbols.

What Are Auto Designation Symbols?

Designation symbols are simply the policy definition of which vehicles are covered, and exactly how they’re covered via the insurance policy.

For instance a symbol one designation on the business auto policy will cover any vehicle purchased, and a symbol seven strictly covers cars or trucks within the declaration page in which a premium is assessed.

The best way to have a denial of coverage would be to mix up the individual automobile policy with the business auto policy, supposing there’s no distinction between the 2 types of insurance policies.

This is exactly why it is best to work with an agency that can illustrate these kinds of small points to make sure you don’t unexpectedly find yourself paying the claim out of your back pocket!

When You Need Business Auto Insurance Contact Pathway Insurance!

Pathway Insurance offers business insurance coverage through top rated carriers in the region.

When you are looking to compare Cincinnati business auto insurance contact the experts at 513-662-7000 and speak with one of our licensed and professional agents.

Agents in other states offering business auto insurance:

Small business insurance Pennsylvania:




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What Insurance Company Offers the Best Prices on Home Insurance Cincinnati?

Home Insurance CincinnatiHome Insurance Cincinnati

If your homeowners insurance rates have been increased try this independent insurance company, Pathway Insurance by clicking here for an instant rate quote from up to 10 leading insurance companies, or call 513-662-7000 to speak with one of our licensed agents when shopping for home insurance in Cincinnati.

When looking for the best pricing on home insurance Cincinnati many decide to start their search by using the internet.

There’s only one small problem when you shop for insurance online, how do you know which company will be best for your circumstances? There are hundreds of insurance companies that sell insurance making it difficult to choose the best one.  Without having a direct link, for instance:, that takes you to a trusted independent insurance agency like Pathway Insurance, you will have the nearly impossible task of finding a needle (good insurance at a low price) in a haystack (thousands of internet search results).

There is another problem that you may not have been aware of as you’re shopping for insurance using the Internet.

Just because an insurance company shows up on the first page of Google doesn’t mean that they will be able to help you find the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

If you live in Cincinnati it’s likely that you got a very large rate increase on your home insurance Cincinnati. If you started to search for different options online you may have used the phrase home insurance Cincinnati, or homeowners insurance. Depending on which phrase you used will dictate what results you get. It’s possible that only the largest companies will show up on the first page results.

One fact consumers may not be aware of is that there may be hundreds of different insurance companies that sell the exact same types of policies in your area, and most insurance companies despite advertisements you see on television do not advertise, including running Internet advertisements.

We need to keep in mind one important fact when you’re shopping for insurance, just because an insurance company spends a lot of money on advertising and shows up prominently on the first page of the search engine does not mean this company has a stellar reputation for paying claims!

Have you also noticed that it seems good customer service is a thing of the past? Companies, including some insurance companies are taking shortcuts with customer service to maximize their profits, which may maximize our inconvenience if we need help with our insurance policy.

Why Choose Our Agency for Your Insurance Needs?

We offer services that other agents will not. We offer a biweekly newsletter called the Pathway Protection Letter which helps provide educational information to help clients better understand their insurance and avoid claim denials, we also provide Pathway Coverage Checklist which helps you find gaps in your coverage for new clients, and most importantly we offer the Pathway Claims Advocacy Program. We intervene in your behalf if you have a problem with any claims, regardless of fault. Call Pathway Insurance today at 513-662-7000 or use our convenient online quote system to get the lowest rates on home insurance Cincinnati by clicking here.

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Does Sassy Sally, And/or Helpless Hal Look After Your Insurance In Cincinnati?


Car Insurance Cincinnati, Terrible Customer Support and Service!


Sassy Sally is undoubtedly among the most terrible insurance agents in Cincinnati because she is impolite, she likes to debate with clients, and she isn’t tremendously insightful.

(Have you been receiving less than ideal customer service from your insurance company in Cincinnati? Then click here to get started with the steps of acquiring great customer service in Cincinnati.)

Or call us at 513-662-7000

Helpless Hal certainly is the precise opposite of Sassy Sally, nevertheless the poor guy basically always fails to get even little things straight for his clients. You inform the guy that you desire a $250.00 deductible on your car insurance in Cincinnati and he gives you a $500.00 deductible in its place. (You will generally come across this error whenever you end up with a claim that utilizes the significantly greater deductible.)

You may ask him to send out the latest ID cards but you do not ever get them. You might ask him to see the reason why you received a price raise in your car insurance in Cincinnati and he never returns your telephone calls. Helpless Hal is a excellent guy but a terrible insurance agent in Cincinnati.

Decent customer support is not easy to secure during this day and age. Most people have had encounters with a Sassy Sally or even a Helpless Hal in items or services that we obtain. Most corporations put considerably more emphasis on revenue that could be produced for the company and much less significance on recruiting the best and most capable individuals for the task.

If you’re thinking of purchasing new car insurance in Cincinnati, what are the signals that you may be covered by insurance using Helpless Hal or Sassy Sally?

When you purchased your Cincinnati insurance plan the fees are much higher when compared with what they originally quoted.

A number of blunders are made on your estimates with virtually no apologies coming from the agent.

You never ever were given your insurance policies or ID cards.

Your statements are not at all the exact same and don’t generally come on schedule.

You switched bank accounts but the agent forgot to inform the insurance carrier thus causing you to bounce checks, then they have the nerve to blame it on you!

The agent or their assistants are impolite to you or treat you just like a kid if you ask a few questions. (If that is happening in the beginning do you imagine that the situation might greatly improve as time goes by or deteriorate?)

You presented your monthly payment at the agent’s business office and they for some reason never sent the money to the insurance company and so your insurance policy didn’t continue!

Your mortgage provider bought extra homeowners insurance coverage for you personally (and made you pay for it), due to the fact that your Cincinnati insurance agent did not remember to deliver a notice to your mortgage lender letting them know that you actually do have property owners insurance.

Your vehicle loan payment is increased due to the fact that your insurance agent neglected to send a notice to your banking institution.

You applied for comprehensive protection regarding your car insurance in Cincinnati, and once a vehicle accident occurs you discover that you really end up with liability coverage.

Your agent failed to remember to incorporate your brand-new auto into your existing policy and then you damaged it 45 days later.

Your agent gave you bad guidance and your insurance claim is denied.

You really are having a challenge settling a claim but your agent totally ignores you.

Your premium increases and your agent is not able to shop the industry for you personally.

You usually do not get a return phone calls from your insurance broker in Cincinnati.

You are offered more than one answer for the exact same question from several different agents employed within your insurance agent’s office in Cincinnati.

What Makes Us Different!

Our regional insurance agency in Cincinnati believes in old-school client care. In truth our Moto is “Service the way it used to be.”™

We’ve got among the best client support teams within the region. What does that mean for you personally? Once you call us with inquiries or complications you will find our agents and customer service representatives in Cincinnati are beneficial, well mannered, and we go the one step further for our customers.

When looking for car insurance in Cincinnati, don’t make the error in judgment of putting more emphasis on the price tag for the insurance policy, because the fact of this proverb is perfectly true:

Many times “you get what you pay for”.

Wouldn’t you want to be protected having a Cincinnati insurance agency that goes past the call of duty? Take the first step by clicking here on Car Insurance Cincinnati to get prompt internet car insurance quotes in Cincinnati.

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Online Insurance Quotes in Cincinnati

Need Online Insurance Quotes in Cincinnati?

Online Insurance Quotes CincinnatiPathway Insurance Services Inc. is an independent insurance agency and we’re headquartered in Blue Ash Ohio but we offer Online Insurance Quotes in Cincinnati Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan.

Call 513-662-7000 for insurance quotes in all 50 states!

We provide competitive rates on truck, home, business, life, and medical insurance coverage in all Fifty states. (Internet based proposals are offered in select states.)

If you’d like to acquire motor vehicle or tenant rates from the convenience of your private home simply click here now and we’ll shop the market for you. Dependent on which state you reside, we can have bids ready for you inside of 4 or 5 minutes.

Looking for the best insurance coverage can be a true pain. Some insurance providers have created on-line rating systems which will offer you the final prices for only one particular carrier. It’s impossible to find the very best prices on insurance coverage when you only obtain automobile rates from only a single insurance company.

Pathway Online Insurance Quotes in Cincinnati are the Best!

Our world wide web car insurance quoting system is fantastic because we now have the option to crank out multiple insurance rates from the very best insurers doing business in all Fifty states. If you would like to obtain a policy from our independent insurance agency, our company is located in your area and you’re welcome to stop by.

A number of the most popular insurance carriers sell auto insurance directly to consumers and they do not, in many instances, local agents to help you out when there is an issue. Choosing renters insurance from a local agent in our opinion is much better for individuals, however you’ll find 1 problem that you will have to deal with when shopping for home insurance in the area.

Searching for the lowest insurance rates could possibly be annoying. Why?? Because it can be very time-consuming.

The reason why it can be time-consuming is because you’ll discover many hundreds of insurance carriers that offer insurance! If you’re interested in low-cost auto insurance Cincinnati, just how long would it call for to get hundreds of quotes?

As an independent insurance agency we were quite likely the very first agent providing internet based house insurance quotations. Although that’s in no way the most crucial service we offer valued clients.

Plenty of agents and insurance underwriters advertise contractors insurance solely according to the cost for that insurance coverage.

We think that is a misstep which unfortunately could cost you financially down the road.

A cheap price without advice™ can cause exceptional monetary harm to your self. Why?

Insurance plans are considerably more complicated in comparison to the price you pay for it. ™

The insurance plans applicants pay for incorporate a large number of prohibitions, exclusions, and conditions and terms which you as the covered person will need to comply with. When you breach a term or condition in your commercial insurance policy, your claim can be rejected!

You Will Find Valued Professional services from our Agency.

Our company provides several unique services that are going to benefit you should you decide to allow our agency to take care of your insurance needs. We provide the Pathway Protection Letter™, the Pathway Coverage Checklist™, in addition to the Pathway Claims Advocacy Program.™

We are certain that you are going to acknowledge that the earlier mentioned expert services really are effective. The question that you might will want to ask yourself is: Will my current agent or insurer provide anything at all such as this?

If they will not offer anything close to the services our company offers, why not choose our agency to help you with your insurance needs?

You can actually reach us by calling 1-800-998-0662.

Need Online Insurance Quotes in Cincinnati?

Call 513-662-7000 

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Car Insurance Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Car InsuranceIf you are looking for Grand Rapids Car Insurance Call 1-800-998-0662.

Or for an instant rate quote click: Car Insurance Grand Rapids Michigan.

No-fault Michigan car insurance is required by law. Every owner of a car is required to purchase certain basic coverages in order to obtain license plates.

If you have a car accident, your no-fault Michigan car insurance pays for your medical, losses of wages, and damage that you cause to other individuals property that are legally responsible for.

Car Insurance in Grand Rapids Is Expensive!

Because of Michigan no-fault laws, car insurance rates in Grand Rapids are very expensive compared to other states! That’s why you need to work with an independent insurance agent in Grand Rapids Michigan.

You can contact us by calling 1-800-998-0662 or you can obtain online quote by clicking on, Grand Rapids car insurance quotes.

Our independent agency can help you find the best rates on car insurance in Grand Rapids Michigan. The main reason why car insurance rates in Michigan are so expensive is based on the benefit rich coverage offered by Michigan no-fault insurance laws.

Michigan No-Fault Car Insurance Benefits Are Comprehensive.

Michigan no-fault car insurance laws are the most comprehensive in the entire country offering benefit rich options to care for medical, loss of wages, and property damage in the event of car accidents.

Under Michigan no-fault laws it does not matter who caused the accident. Let’s consider one specific coverage under the no-fault law.

Outline of Michigan No-Fault Insurance.

Michigan Personal Injury Protection – If you are injured in an automobile accident this portion of the no-fault coverage will pay all of your medical costs with no limit.

This is in contrast to other states that place limits on the amount of coverage that you can collect.

Additionally personal injury protection will pay up to 85% of the income you would have earned if you had not been injured in a car accident up to three years.

The maximum collectible is $4,929 per month. In the event of a fatality your family would be paid the same amount of money for three years.

Additionally you would be entitled to $20 per day and replacement services. This extra compensation is paid to injured persons that are no longer able to provide for themselves or their families. An example would be housekeeping or yard work.

Looking for Grand Rapids Car Insurance? Call Pathway Insurance at 1-800-998-0662

An additional option is to use our online quote system, click Grand Rapids Car Insurance.

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Warren Michigan Car Insurance

Test Post for Warren Michigan Car Insurance

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