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Car Insurance Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Car InsuranceIf you are looking for Grand Rapids Car Insurance Call 1-800-998-0662.

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No-fault Michigan car insurance is required by law. Every owner of a car is required to purchase certain basic coverages in order to obtain license plates.

If you have a car accident, your no-fault Michigan car insurance pays for your medical, losses of wages, and damage that you cause to other individuals property that are legally responsible for.

Car Insurance in Grand Rapids Is Expensive!

Because of Michigan no-fault laws, car insurance rates in Grand Rapids are very expensive compared to other states! That’s why you need to work with an independent insurance agent in Grand Rapids Michigan.

You can contact us by calling 1-800-998-0662 or you can obtain online quote by clicking on, Grand Rapids car insurance quotes.

Our independent agency can help you find the best rates on car insurance in Grand Rapids Michigan. The main reason why car insurance rates in Michigan are so expensive is based on the benefit rich coverage offered by Michigan no-fault insurance laws.

Michigan No-Fault Car Insurance Benefits Are Comprehensive.

Michigan no-fault car insurance laws are the most comprehensive in the entire country offering benefit rich options to care for medical, loss of wages, and property damage in the event of car accidents.

Under Michigan no-fault laws it does not matter who caused the accident. Let’s consider one specific coverage under the no-fault law.

Outline of Michigan No-Fault Insurance.

Michigan Personal Injury Protection – If you are injured in an automobile accident this portion of the no-fault coverage will pay all of your medical costs with no limit.

This is in contrast to other states that place limits on the amount of coverage that you can collect.

Additionally personal injury protection will pay up to 85% of the income you would have earned if you had not been injured in a car accident up to three years.

The maximum collectible is $4,929 per month. In the event of a fatality your family would be paid the same amount of money for three years.

Additionally you would be entitled to $20 per day and replacement services. This extra compensation is paid to injured persons that are no longer able to provide for themselves or their families. An example would be housekeeping or yard work.

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