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Why Are Michigan Car Insurance Rates so Expensive? 

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The principal reason why car insurance rates are so expensive in Michigan is based on Michigan no-fault automobile insurance.

First adopted in 1973 as a means to protect injured parties, take note of some of the benefits of Michigan no-fault insurance:

Michigan no fault car insurance provides unlimited medical and rehabilitation benefits. 

Essentially what that means is that if you are severely injured in an automobile accident and your medical bills are millions of dollars, Michigan no-fault insurance will cover the claims! (No limit)

However that’s not how it works in other states. For instance let’s assume that you live in Ohio and you are severely injured in an automobile accident by another person who is found to be at fault. 

Your medical bills will only be covered to the extent of the policy limits of the person who was at fault for the accident.  So for instance if you were severely injured and the other person only had the state minimum liability limits of $12,500.  The maximum you could collect under their automobile insurance policy is $12,500!

No Fault Car Insurance in Michigan is Completely Different 

Michigan no fault insurance works differently even compared to other states offering no fault insurance. Michigan no fault insurance is the most comprehensive of any no fault coverage in the entire country.  As was mentioned above medical bills are covered with no limit. If your medical bills are $3 million, insurance will cover the $3 million!

So while it is true that Michigan car insurance is the most expensive in the nation, the benefits are the most comprehensive! 

Additionally no-fault automobile insurance in Michigan provides wage loss benefits up to three years. 

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